Friday, January 14, 2011

Where the Action is in Financial News Reporting . . .

It's NOT in mainstream media (though the Financial Times has my respect). Two days ago Yves Smith posted this story, and for good reason: her Naked Capitalism finance blog finished #1 in London-based MindfulMoney's recent survey of the "Twenty Most Influential Blogs in Financial Media." These blogs, the survey concludes, are running rings around mainstream financial media:
The research confirms the existence of a network of investment super-connectors with extraordinary media influence and reach. These super-connected new influentials are, for the most part, not well established voices in the media but individual bloggers who fiercely champion their independence….In the US, the network functions as the unofficial voice of Wall Street & the US federal bank with no mainstream media players at the centre of the network.
MindfulMoney bills itself as "The social news and knowledge network for the investment community."  Their 54 page report describes not 20 but 50 finance blogs. Sadly a few first rate writers are missing: I especially miss Steve Randy Waldman's Interfluidity, Michael Whitney (not a blogger, and political, but very sharp) and Michael Hudson's Website (again not a blog, but profoundly sharp). On the whole, the survey seems thoughtfully done. You can access it, full screen size, via the graphic below. In two steps. First, click the lower left orange/blue icon. On the screen that appears, click the lower left "Full" to get a full screen. Use arrows to scroll through pages.
Thank goodness for these expert, independent-minded finance bloggers. In a world of government by Wall Street, they alone may be separating us from complete financial mismanagement.

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