Friday, June 12, 2009

Mid-Course Correction

I haven't posted since May 15, when the Dow, at 8268, was 500 points lower than it is today. I've been busy talking about the future of journalism at Seeding Civic Media. Also began a diary about President Obama's $75 billion Making Home Affordable plan at Daily Kos. But there's another reason. This site, while fascinating to me, has not interested others. Something needs to change. It's mid-course correction time.

Posts, my buddy Arturo tells me, need to be shorter. Make one point at a time, let people respond. Makes sense. I'll also look into promoting the site.

Meanwhile, the Green Shoots are looking strong in the battle for the World Cup. To me, though, their recent strength is dubious. I can't help thinking that Summers and Co. are building a house of cards - a house of government debt - modeled on the house of leveraged debt from whose collapse the global economy is struggling to emerge. William Buiter of the Financial Times says it all in his June 12 piece, "The Fiscal Black Hole in the U.S."

So where does civic media fit into all this? At the risk of sounding like a scratchy record, let me repeat one simple axiom: neither the U.S. or the global economy will be on a sound footing until citiznes everywhere have a genuine voice in the economic decisions that affect their lives.

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