Monday, May 4, 2009

May 4: Could the Storm Be Winding Down? Is Obama's "Glimmer of Hope" More than Just a Glimmer?

Let's look at the upside for a change. Lot's people are saying the worst may be over. The chorus is growing. Even my trader buddy Big Bill is thinking that the market rally could extend past summer and through the December holiday season.
  • Warren Buffet on the topic of government actions to save the economy says "Overall I commend the actions that were taken. To expect perfection from people working 20 hour days and getting hit by new and sometimes bad information - when you’re getting punched from all sides - you’re not gonna do everything perfectly. I think overall they did a very good job…" (5/2)
  • Albert Bozzo at CNBC says a small but growing number of economists is saying that the "US Economy Could Recover Much Sooner Than Expected" (5/4)
  • Even Nouriel Roubini seems to be moderating his gloomy views somewhat (4/27)
  • Global Markets are hitting seven month highs (Reuters 5/4)
  • This John Authers video shows that markets are rising globally due to faith in China's economic upturn (FT 5/4).
  • Ben Bernanke testifies that the U.S. "may be stabilizing" (FT 5/5)
  • Libor rates fall to historic lows (FT 5/5).
  • Martin Wolf endorses Obama's (and FDR'S) pragmatic conservatism and the stress tests - with reservations (FT 5/12)
This list is just underway. SEND LINKS! (Good ones are not easy to find.)

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